Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mexico & Central American journies ::

I've been to Mexico about 5 times (4 months total) & Guatemala 2x (2 months total), Honuras 1x (2 weeks), & Belize 1x for 2 days. And i'd go again at the drop of a dime! especially want to go Costa Rica!

Timetravel back 200 years?

I liked the vibe in San Cristobal & Chiapas Mexico state in general. Native tribal people everywhere that were wearing their colorful traditional clothing & living the simple life. Big smiles from these modern Mayas!

So....i travelled their trail down to Guatemala which is even more indigenous & 3rd world at it's best! It's like time travelling back 200 years where Native Americans are everywhere, only it was 1996 & there were hotels, ATMs, & pizza for me, & even the natives were drinking Coke & Pepsi & changing with these drastic times. Nice to see so many Indigenous people that were not how i'm used to seeing them in the States....drunk, homeless, etc....These are descendants of the Maya & other tribes, still very grounded in tradition & simple lifestyles. I could feel there vitality from living so close to the Earth. The beauty in there smiles & glitter in the eyes from knowing that closesness to Gaia. A way of life modern humanity has lost touched with...

A real sense of pride, family, & love here that has kept their traditions alive, even through some of the most horrific civil wars & American foreign politics that lead to many many thousands of brutal killing in the not too distant past (80's?).

It was exciting being in Lake Atitlan, a lake with 3 massive 10,000ft+ volcanoes surrounding the proximity of the water. I stayed at a place called "Los Pyramids" - a meditation retreat where I rented a pyramid shaped hut for a few nights & days of silent meditation. Interesting place. I remember the herb garden they grew had sacred geometry images formed by the plants.

This 3 month trip to Mexico, Guatemala (1.5 months), Honduras isla Utila (2 weeks) & Belize (traveling through a day)...was my first journey outside of the USA. it was a BIG eye opener. I love Latin culture, history, spanish & would love to go back for more trips in the future.

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