Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st trip to Asia :: 2 months Feb-March 2002

Bangkok. Wow! A huge metropolis that somehow seems relaxed & laid back. maybe it's the buddism (95% of Thais are Buddhist)....all the daily buddhist prayer & mediations must keep the road rage & anxiety at bay.

I finally made the dream a reality & made it to Asia. For 2 months I enjoyed the buddhist cultures of Thailand, Laos, & Cambodia. This was a trip i did for my 4th year at college majoring in cultural studies. I went with the group Village Studies and had a great adventure. Even though I prefer not to travel in groups, this went smooth & proved helpful for my 1st trip to Asia. I did a homestay in south Thailand with a pro Thai kickboxer & his family (this one makes an interesting story...later!) , was an english teacher volunteer at a large elementary school in north Thailand, spent 2 weeks in Luang Prabang, Laos , and did the tourist path of 4 days in Cambodia for Angkor Wat.

Had a wicked fun time!

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